Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jawbone ERA headset review

Plantronics Voyager Legend
For a couple of years now I have been using the Plantronics Voyager Legend bluetooth headset with my iPhone.  I like the secure fit of the over the ear design, and the boom microphone provides excellent audio.  At $99 it's not a bargain, but it works and works well.

Jawbone ERA
I own three VLs.  The problem is that I keep misplacing them. With my latest shortage I decided to scan the web to see what's new in the world of headsets.  The more I searched the more I read about the latest headset from Jawbone, its ERA bluetooth headset.

I went to Amazon, made my Prime purchase, and had a new ERA two days later.  I must say, I am
impressed.  I give it thumbs up for the sleek, tiny design and excellent sound quality.  So far the in-the-ear fit has worked well. With previous Jambone models the in-the-ear idea would tend to fail, and I suffered from the headset falling out of my ear at the worst possible times. Admittedly I have not been doing gymnastics with the ERA on, but it has stayed stable while driving, walking, and working at my desk.  Early on-line reviews were critical of the firmware for the device.  Jawbone seems to have remedied those problems with updates.  Admittedly I am not a sound engineer, I am just a guy talking on the phone.  For doing that the ERA is working great. I don't have any criticisms.

If you register your headset with Jawbone you will enjoy the benefit of being able to download optional voice instructions, a frequently called number list, and more.  You will then also be able to utilize the nifty iPhone app, and install hardware upgrades.

The ERA retails for $99.99.  There is an optional charging case (that provides safe storage and extra battery life) that raises the price to $120.  I opted for the charging case, and am glad I did.
ERA with charging case

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