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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This Would Be A Cool Smart Watch

Smart watches are the next big thing in mobile technology.  Think of an iPhone miniaturized and strapped to your wrist. Not only will smart watches tell time, they will also be phones, calendars, viewers, the whole shabang!  I am not sure how my old eyes will ever be able to see anything on them, but that is a different issue.

There are already a few on the market (Pebble, Sony, Pine) but their technology is infantile.  As with all things tech though, new prototypes are coming out all the time.  One of the coolest designs I have seen is from Todd Hamilton. Now, of course, these models are just that, models. No real hardware exists yet, but Hamilton's designs give us a flashy example of just how cool the smart watch idea can be.

Check out more of Todd's cool designs and ideas by visiting his blog.

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