Monday, January 6, 2014

Going Big or Going Small

I was sitting in court today, talking to a colleague while we were waiting for our cases to be called.  We will call my friend Tom, because that is what his name is.  Tom had on a new, fancy exercise band watch.  I noticed it, and asked for the demonstration.  He showed me how it displayed the time, and how it displayed the number of steps he had taken that day.  He explained it did other stuff, but he only knew how to work the time and the steps.  I took his word on all of this because the display on the band was too small for me to read.  Therein lies the theme of this post -- everything is getting smaller.  I have to ask, how small is too small?

Regular followers of this blog will appreciate that I am an iPad nut.  I think it is a revolutionary device.  I am also a huge iPhone fan.  And, of course, I am a huge MacBook fan!  I am also middle aged, and my eyes are getting bad.  With the New Year I have abandoned using my iPad as a courtroom companion.  I did not go with a smaller iPad Air when it was released.  Instead I put my money into a fully loaded iPhone 5s.  I now have comparable computing power in a smaller package than is offered in the iPad line.  Since I have to put my glasses on to read the iPhone and the iPad I am going with the iPhone.  I am also starting to carry my Mac Book Pro with retina display.  Yes it is heavier than the iPad, but when I have it slung over my shoulder in my fancy leather briefcase it really isn't an issue, and I have all that computing power with a 15" screen.  It is proving to be a real advantage.

I will continue to post about the iPad, it will just be with less practical application for me.  To all of those sharp, young eyes out there, touche'!

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