Friday, November 15, 2013

Hope For The Mac Lawyer

I love Apple computers.  I have an iPad, an iMac, and and a MacBook Pro.  The iMac is at home, and the MacBook Pro is for road warrioring.  I love them all.  They work so much simpler and better than the Windows computers that we have at the office. Unfortunately we are slaves to Windows at the office because all of the law practice management software that we use only works with Windows.  Therein lies the problem for a lot of Mac lawyers -- software availability.

Slowly but surely that seems to be changing, particularly with the growth of cloud computing. has an article detailing the increasing availability of law practice management software.  While there is still a long, long, long way to go for the Mac lawyer, any hope springs eternal.  Click here for the read.

If you are a Mac lawyer with a software resource to share, please leave a comment.

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Anonymous said...

Add VMware to the mix (along with cloud) and platform doesn't really matter a whole lot. Let users use whatever environment they're most familiar/comfortable with

Thiago daLuz said...

Yeah, I've a friend who's a family lawyer in Boise ID and is in the same boat. He vastly prefers Macs, but very little that he can use is available for Mac.

Charles Brawnyson said...

I also love apple computers. They seem to be the best for family lawyers in Vancouver. I don't know what could be better.

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