Thursday, August 1, 2013

Devices Going Big and the iPad Suit - Is that A Tablet In Your Pocket?

BGR, in part quoting The Wall Street Journal, says Apple is specking out a bigger smartphone screen and a 13 inch iPad screen.  These developments would appear to fall in line with the bigger is better trend hitting the mobile device world.  "Phablet" is the new buzz word in mobile devices. The combination device is intended to give tablet users a screen they can read without a magnifying glass, and a device that they call simultaneously call on.  Samsung has plans to roll out a new phablet design of its own, as does LG. Other developers will clearly follow the lead of these mobile titans.

The phablet is a hard call for me.  With middle age I now must resort to my cheater reading glasses more often. That makes using my iPhone more challenging.  At the same time, I cannot envision dropping my iPad in my pocket, as I do with my iPhone.  I could see using a phablet with a Bluetooth headset, but I cannot imagine walking around town with it pressed against my ear.  For the time being it looks like I will continue to be a two device guy.

Regarding that pocket problem I mentioned, there is a solution.  The iPad suit!  Yes, that's right. For the gentleman who wants everything there is now a bespoke tailored suit that includes a large interior pocket in the coat for the discreet storage of your tablet.  Fun stuff!

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