Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Power Of The Doodle! More On Visual Thinking

I have an announcement to make:  I doodle in court!  Yes, that's right, in the middle of trial you can catch me making juvenile drawings of fighter jets, and fast cars, and bunny rabbits!  And I am not the only one doing it.  Quite frequently when I am trying cases I can see the legal pads of my opposites, and they are doodling as well.  Don't be embarrassed fellow doodlers.  Embrace your pens, and draw away!

Yes, yes, you have heard it all before from me.  Visual thinking.  Mindmapping.  Improved recall.  Greater brain efficiency.  And yet, when I talk with collegues about these ideas, I am still met with skepticism and doubt.

Okay, don't trust me? Than how about these folks:  Leonardo da Vinci, Samuel Beckett, Mark Twain, John Keats and Sylvia Plath.  They all let their pencils and pens wander around the page, creating all sorts of imagery when they might have been trying to concentrate on something else.  Now there is evidence that doodling isn’t the result of an idle mind, but a keen one.

An article on metro.co.uk expounds on the value of the doodle.  For example "in 2009, research by Jackie Andrade, professor of psychology at Plymouth University, showed that doodling increases our attention span in meetings. The study made two sets of volunteers listen to a boring phone message and then asked them questions about it. Those who had been doodling had better powers of recollection."  Doodle advocates argue that ‘Doodling through classes or meetings can often result in pages, spreads or maps that have both illustrated the subject and stored it away in our memory in a much more effective way than taking down notes."

The simple doodle can now be fully exploited with technology beyond the pencil and pen.  Mindmapping software and apps can leverage the power of the doodle in new and more powerful ways.  Not only does your brain work better, but it is also fun!

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