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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

iWatch Watch

Our friends over at the Boy Genius Report are offering up news on the potential release of an iWatch by Apple.  As reported:
Apple hopes to launch the device later this year and is considering a variety of functionality such as voice calling, mapping features and the ability to display notifications from the user’s phone on the watch’s display. The report claims Apple’s iWatch will also include pedometer features, and it may even monitor the wearer’s heart rate.
When info like this starts leaking it is usually coming from Apple's marketing department.  As such, this is more than speculation.  The release is imminent. I am loving the idea.  Looks, reads, sounds, feels like a great gadget.  My only problem is my old eyes can barely read my iPad.  How in the heck am I gonna see the screen on an iWatch?

Please click here for the original BGR article.

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