Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Aren't You Stylus!

I have actually done a bit of research into the tablet computer.  Depending on which myth you believe, Bill Gates could have been the first, biggest proponent of the platform.  Then again Steve Jobs, and Apple, got the revolution rolling with the iPad.  As for Mr. Jobs, his vision of the tablet was clearly one where finger replaced pen.  Fingermanship is certainly a viable option with touch sensitive tablet screens.  I usually resort to the primary digit to navigate through my iPad screens and to type on the built in keyboard.  For heavy duty work though, and particularly for writing on the screen, I find that a stylus is better than the finger.

Like everything else, there are plenty of stylus options to choose from.  Today I want to share my two favorites with you.  First on my list is the Bamboo stylus.  There are three versions, the Solo (closest thing to a full size pen), the Duo (a combination stylus and ink pen), and the Pocket (with a telescoping body)

Bamboo Solo
Bamboo Duo
Bamboo Pocket
I prefer the Bamboo because of the circumference of the body, and the sensitivity of the writing tip (called the "nub") when it is on the screen.  Having used Bamboos for more than a year, I have also found them to be well made and sturdy.  My particular favorite is the Duo because of the ink pen feature.  Ink is still necessary in the lawyer world.  With the Duo I am not scrambling for an ink pen when I need one.  Price range on the Bamboo is $29.95 to $39.95.

My second favorite stylus is the Jot.

The Jot's innovation is in the flat plastic disc (Jot calls it a "ballpoint") that makes contact with the tablet screen.  By this ballpoint the Jot delivers the most precise writing experience.  It is the mechanical pencil of the stylus world.  Jotaholics love their Jots like few other accessories.  It is second on my list because I find it too precise, and because I am not fully invested in the sturdiness or finger feel of the disc.  Like the Bamboo, the Jot also has multiple models including the original, smaller with mobile clip, rubber grip and magnetic cling, precision stylus and ink pen combo, and bluetooth pressure sensitive stylus.  Price range on the Jot is $19.99 to $99.99.

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