Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LinkedIn Tips

Followers of this blog know that I derive great entertainment value from LinkedIn.  I like the way the site looks and works.  It is fun to scan the profiles of other professionals, and to follow the discussions of certain groups.  Does it, or will it create business for me?  I am not so sure.  I think it has potential, but no measurable success so far.  None the less, it still is fun, so I go with it.

At the Social Media Examiner blog Jeff Korhan has posted 10 LinkedIn Tips for Building Your Business.Some of Jeff's tips include (1) using appropriate keywords and phrases in your heading and title (2) mirroring your online and offline business networks within LinkedIn, (3) tagging your skills and expertise, (4) adding video to your profile to make it come alive, and (5) tagging and filtering connections to organize and build relationships.  There are step by step how to instructions, and helpful videos demonstrating the hows and whys.  If you want to roll up your sleeves and get dirty building your LinkedIn profile, this is a great instructional tool.  Please click her for Jeff's original article.

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Wayne Morrise said...

Linkedin is a good ground to see potential people to be with, competitor, and all of the potential client for almost all aspect of business. Linked in is an extended marketing websites and social networking site as well.

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