Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why I Use Dropbox

I have two different workstations that I work from within my Pleasanton office. I also work remotely from my home. I work from our satellite offices in Walnut Creek and San Francisco. I work on my laptop, and I work on my iPad. I work from hotel rooms when I am traveling. I don't tell you this to paint the picture of a workaholic (which I am not). I tell you this to emphasize that I work all over the place; and to emphasize that technology makes distance irrelevant.

Confidential files, records, and information are stored and accessed through a secure server at our office. I can remote in, but there are a few steps required to maintain a secure environment. It can be a bit cumbersome. However there are lots of other little things that I can be working on. I find a need to access them now and then, from here, there and everywhere. For those little things I really don't want to have to log into the office network, open a bunch of different programs, keep track of timestamps and versions, etc. For example, articles that I may be writing, or presentations that I am creating. Articles and papers that I want to read. Mind map templates that I am creating. These are materials that I am accessing from all of my different computers. I need to be able to open them on Windows machines, Apple machines, laptops, iPads, iPhones, etc. I need one place where I can keep these projects synchronized, and find them easily.

For these needs I turn to Dropbox. With my free Dropbox account on the internet I have one, central repository for all of those little projects and pieces. If I spent ten minutes writing an article at the office, and then want to do a bit more tweaking of it on my iPad at home later, I simply open my Dropbox account and there it is. This is so much easier than my old method which was to transfer files from machine to machine by connecting the two machines over the internet or via a cable. It also beats carrying around a memory stick that I could move from machine to machine (or not with the iPad and iPhone).

Another fantastic feature of Dropbox is that it runs in the background on my various devices, and keeps them all synchronized without any help from me. I never have to worry that the file on my desktop pc is exactly the same as the file on my laptop. Brilliant! Give it a try. Don't cost nothing!

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Reylan | Labor Posters said...

So the features of DropBox is also similar to iCloud of Apple.

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