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Friday, February 24, 2012

Marketing Is The New Selling

Glenngary Glen Ross has to be the all time best salesman movie. In the movie Alec Baldwin gives a speech for the ages when motivating his sales team. You must check it out.

That movie, and Baldwin's speech, are the themes behind a blog post from one of my all time favorites marketing experts, John Jantsch. In his article John brings attention to the new paradigm in marketing. Consider these points:
  • Listening is the new prospecting
  • Educating is the new presenting
  • Insight is the new information sharing
  • Storybuilding is the new nurturing
  • Relationship building is the new closing
As John sees it:
In order to thrive in today’s digitally driven business environment, sales folks need to think and act more like marketers. I suppose to some degree this has always been true, but it is painfully so now that prospects have access to mounds of information, have tools to deflect unwanted sales messages and have the ability to freely publish both flattering and unflattering information about the companies with whom they choose to do business.
This is solid advice, and applies to us lawyers as we market our practices. Please click here for the article from the Duct Tape Marketing Blog.

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