Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nerino on Dropbox

Dropbox is a great program. It allows you to sync your files online and across your computers automatically.
  • 2GB of online storage for free, with up to 100GB available to paying customers.
  • Sync files of any size or type.
  • Sync Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.
  • Automatically syncs when new files or
    changes are detected.

Nerino Petro has posted is thoughts regarding Dropbox.

I’m a big fan of Dropbox and wrote about this terrific tool in my recent post Dropbox: Have you Got Yours? With consummate timing, the folks at Makeuseof.com posted an article entitled The First Unofficial Guide to Dropbox , making available for free download or online reading, Matt Smith’s Using the Magic Pocket: A Dropbox Manual ebook.

Using the Magic Pocket: A Dropbox Manual is full of helpful How To’s, tips and tricks in its 30+ pages covering Dropbox free and paid plans to file syncing; file sharing and online backup as well as advanced tips and tricks. For example, did you know that you can use Dropbox to keep data for a program that you have on multiple computers in sync? I hadn't thought of this, but in Chapter 7: Advanced Dropbox Tips, Matt explains:
Syncing documents, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. Dropbox isn’t picky about
what it syncs. Stick a file in Dropbox and zam! – it’s instantly sent to your other
devices. This includes files like bookmarks, calendar databases and email
In effect, you can use Dropbox to sync client software that relies on a local file to
store information. Any software that has the capability to export or import the
information used by the software can take advantage of Dropbox. This includes
browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer, calendar applications, financial
applications and much more. Taking advantage of this functionality can make it
much easier to keep software installed on different computers in sync. Just change
your software’s settings so that such information is stored in the Dropbox and you’re good to go.

This guide is a great adjunct to your use of Dropbox and more than worth the low, low price of free

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