Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HP Slate 500 Forecasts Upped

The good news for HP, if a new rumor has any basis in reality, is that it apparently smashed its HP Slate 500 sales goals. The bad news is those expectations were seemingly quite low. HP’s Slate 500, which launched less than one month ago, is now backordered on the company’s website. According to rumors, HP had a limited run of 5,000 units ahead of launch last month. It then went on to sell a reported 9,000 units. Of course 9,000 units pales in comparison to sales of Apple’s iPad, the tablet by which all others are measured (regardless of how ridiculous comparisons might be). Last quarter, Apple sold over 46,000 iPads each day. On the other hand, selling 9,000 units of a product that sits squarely in a market that doesn’t yet exist is pretty impressive. The need for business tablets — much like the need for consumer tablets — is a need that manufacturers are doing their best to invent. The increasing flood of tablet offerings suggests they may succeed, and HP’s small victory so far with the Slate 500 certainly bodes well.

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Stylo Geek said...

Hp Slate is great tablet with all the graphics and features, with office 2010 it is a perfect gadget for businessmen and article writers.

Hp Slate

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