Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Product Warning: West's Premise Does Not Work With Windows 7

99% of the library in our firm is now computer based, either by online services or CD-ROM products. On of the products we use the most is The Rutter Group California Practice Guides published by West Thomson. In our case we use the CD-ROM product. The CDs are copied to our server. They are accessed through West's proprietary Premise search engine software.

We recently did a complete computer system upgrade, including converting our entire office to Windows 7 workstations. The upgrade has met or exceeded all performance expectations. Unfortunately there have also been glitches. Most glaring is the fact that Premise is apparently not yet compatible with Windows 7. Now we continue to pay West $150 per month for the Rutter Group CDs, but we cannot access them!

This brings to light a bigger issue. West Thomson is a paper publisher. The company is slow to transition to electronic products, and this is demonstrated by the fact that at least one of their products, i.e., Premise, has not yet been upgraded to be compatible with the now prevailing operating system.

We have repeatedly called West technical support only to be met with stunned silence from the woefully inadequate technical support personnel as they struggle to even know what software products West sells, and struggle even more with a complete lack of technical familiarity with the products. The common remedy from West technical support is to send out a new CD. Unfortunately that does not solve the problem. The error is in the outdated, under engineered software -- not the quality of the CD-ROM pressing.

Is anyone at West Thomson listening? Join us in the 21st Century. Hire some engineers who can write code, and serve your customers!

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Anonymous said...

If you are running Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate, you can download "Windows XP Mode" from Microsoft for free which will allow you to run a virtual Windows XP within your Windows 7 environment. You can install Premise inside the XP Mode and use it within that mode.

I hope this helps.
~An IT guy

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