Monday, July 12, 2010

Steering Traffic To Your Website

Have a website? Is it getting enough views? Is it working for you? In order to succeed with your web marketing people have to see what you are putting out there. Lee Rosen offers his thoughts in yet another great article.
About 2,000 people visited our family law firm’s website yesterday. More than 250,000 people have visited so far this year.

Why do so many people visit?

Is it that sweet picture of me in the middle of the page? Probably not.

Is it all the money we’ve spent this year on search engine optimization (SEO)? Nope, we haven’t spent any money on SEO in quite some time.

People come to the site because they are in pain. Their marriages are unraveling, and they are afraid. We give them what they need: answers to their questions. That’s why they come.

Every week, we add something to the site. We put up a new article or video. We tweak something here or there. We do our best to keep it current. We answer questions on the site every day; we dream up new ways to provide assistance, via the site, at every opportunity.

Of course, the site ranks well in Google and other search engines. Why? Because it has many, many inbound links from other sites. Other sites link to our site because they want to link to resources that are helpful for visitors to their sites. Our site is useful.

Many visitors to our site become our clients. They also become the clients of the many attorneys we link to from the site. The site is a powerful marketing tool.

Want traffic to your site? Want that traffic to convert to clients? Then build a site with great content. Be helpful to those in need, and you’ll get all the business you can handle. It’s working for us.

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