Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Book Review: Happily Ever After Divorce

Divorce is never fun. To the contrary, it has to rank at the top of the last of angst inducing crises. So many questions. So few answers. As a divorce lawyer I wish I had a pill I could give to my clients that would take away all of the pain, self-doubt, and uncertainty. Unfortunately I do not have such a pill. However, I have come across something that helps!

Happily Ever After Divorce is a charming book written by Jessica Bram. The book recounts Jessica’s experiences as she faced the end of her marriage, the process of divorce, and the start of her new life.

Jessica’s book started as a very quick read. However, as I got into my reading rhythm I began to appreciate how much the author had packed into a couple of hundred pages. I found myself reading the book a second time – that time with highlighter in hand – so that I could more fully drink in her supportive prose and mark-up her sage advice to people going through divorce. Through all the sadness, all the frustration, and all of the despair Jessica reassures the reader that there is hope and life after divorce. She does not sugar coat her own pain, and I think that is important. As I said, there is no magic elixir. Jessica agrees. What her book does teach is that the pain can be managed and survived. It is that hope and reassurance that people going through divorce need. That is why Happily Ever After Divorce is so valuable.

As a divorce lawyer I was especially intrigued by Jessica's mostly positive reflections on working with her lawyer. I also found her practical tips for working through legal log jams invaluable. I did perceive a bit of a female slant, but took no offense and realized that is was reasonable given that the author is a female.

I definitely will suggest to my family law clients that they read Happily Ever After Divorce.

If you would like to learn more about Jessica Bram, and her book, please visit her website at Happily Ever After Divorce is available for purchase from,, and other online retailers. There are convenient links on Jessica’s website.

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