Monday, March 22, 2010

Batch Printing PDFs. In Other Words, How To Print A File Cabinet Worth Of Stuff!

Anyone who files this blog knows that I follow the Acrobat for Legal Professionals blog. That blogs author, Rick Borstein, does great work. Recently he posted on batch printing in Adobe Acrobat.

Maybe it isn't popular or "green", but law firms still print a lot.

For example, recently I received this email from a paralegal:

Can I batch print PDFs? We received a few hundred files on a CD and the attorney wants me to print them all out. I can't convince her to review them online . . .

While we'd all like to print less, evaluating documents on the computer screen is challenging for many legal professionals for both physiological and cultural reasons.

Batch Printing Illustration

I'll discuss how you can:

* Convert and batch print a variety of types of documents such as PDF, Word, and Excel files
* Preferences to smooth the process
* Tips

Please click here for Rick's entire article.

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