Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Using My Blackberry As A Laptop Modem

I am a family law trial lawyer. I spend a lot of time out of the office attending court proceedings, depositions, client meetings, etc. To facilitate a seamless connection with my office I have a Sprint data card for my laptop. The data card allows access to the internet, so that I can then log into the office. I don't use it often, but there are times when it is essential, such as when I am in trial and need to log into the office to read a pdf copy of a critical document that I cannot find in the file. The problem is the data card costs me $60 per month ($70 once you get done adding in taxes, regulatory fees, ect.), yet I doubt I spend no more than 30 minutes a month on line. At least until the courts start providing free wi-fi, I can't live with the data card, and I can't live without it.

Thanks to the folks at T-Mobile, there is a fix. While I was making a simple tech support call to T-Mobile, out of the blue the rep asked me if I was aware that I could use my Blackberry as a modem? "Why no," I responded. Then it was explained that the additional service would not increase my bill because my Blackberry subscription included unlimited data service. Responding favorably to the idea, I was transferred to a Blackberry modem specialist. Within five minutes the programming was created on my laptop, and I was surfing the web via my Blackberry modem!

I will admit that the data transfer rate is not as fast as the dedicated USB modem data card from Sprint. Then again, it is not as slow as a dial-up connection. I would give an un-expert analysis that the Blackberry connection runs at 60% to 70% of the data card speed. Still, for the rare emergency circumstances that require a connection, it is adequate. At least I am comfortable enough with it that I cancelled my Sprint data card subscription. I am sure I can put the $60-$70 per month to better use elsewhere.

I don't know if the other carriers provide a similar service, but if you are a T-Mobile Blackberry user you may want to check it out.

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