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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lee Rosen on LinkedIn

Those of you who regularly follow this blog have no doubt noticed that I mention Lee Rosen a lot. If you are a family law lawyer trying to improve your marketing or technology, you need to know who Lee is. Lee owns the Rosen Law Firm in North Carolina. His firm pioneered law firm websites; and his web presence continues to be cutting edge. For years he has also been a prolific writer on legal technology and legal marketing for the family law firm. His divorcediscourse blog is an absolute gem. If you were to follow his tweets (@leerosen) you would also learn that he eats out a lot (as a true food lover I am very envious of this). He devotes an inordinate amount of time helping others to practice law better!

Today on divorce discourse Lee has a great article about LinkedIn. His insight help novice users to understand what it does, and how you can utilize it in your marketing efforts. Click here to take a look.

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