Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Which Social Media Platforms Are Important For Lawyers?

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I sat down with my 18 year old daughter this weekend to discuss social media.  The options left me dizzy: Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, the list goes on and on. Those are just the ones that are hot for teenagers and twenty-somethings.  I decided to investigate further.

I installed the Instagram app on my iPhone, created an account, and within two minutes I had four followers!  Pretty impressive. I went deeper and learned that the function of the app is to communicate with others by posting photos. I posted a photo of my dog. I got no responses, replies, whatever? I decided posting photos of my dog was not a productive means of marketing my family law practice. I deleted the app from my phone.

My experiment begged the question: which social media options are relevant to me and the marketing of my law practice?  The consensus among law firm marketing experts is that LinkedIn is the best.  Attorneyatwork.com asked the experts at the Legal Marketing Association. Each of the three experts said that LinkedIn wins. Facebook was also popular. So too was SlideShare, a service that allows you to uploads presentations, PowerPoints, etc., for the world to view. You can view the discussion by clicking here.

I had another question.  Before we get to which social media platform is best, I must ask if socia media works at all as an effective tool for marketing a law practice. The experts seem to think so.  I am not so sure, but because there is a chance it might work, I am going to do it.

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Discovery bay divorce attorney said...

A blog that’s both educative and interesting, and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head. The problem is an issue that few folks are speaking intelligently about family law lawyer tech & practice. I am very happy that I have found this during my search.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Chris Howell said...

It's crazy how much social media has come into most people's lives these days. Something as integral as social media should really be a part of most things not only a lawyer. I mean, currently you're using a form of social media, not quite has involving as Facebook or Twitter, but still social and still very much a part of our lives. http://www.od-law.ca/practice-areas/

Anonymous said...

Social media and Internet are important for any attorney. So it’s important to choose right social media platform. LinkedIn, Facebook, SlideShare are popular site but it depends how you approach and share your content to these websites. Better planning always gives better results so choose wisely.

Thanks for sharing

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