Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Waiting On My iPhone 6 Plus

My iPhone 5s works just fine. In fact it works better than fine. The problem is my eyes. As I foray into middleagedom I find the need for the Costco cheater glasses to be going way up. Even with the stylish magnifiers resting on my nose though, it is getting harder and harder to read the screen on my phone.

No problem. There is a solution. The iPhone 6 Plus! I decided to go for it. Since I was making a big life change I figured I would go all in and dump my AT&T data limits plan and switch to an unlimited data plan from TMobile.

I went to the TMobile website. Placed the order. And now I am waiting, and waiting, and waiting.  10 WEEKS AND COUNTING, and still no phone. How can this be? Three months to get a cell phone. Sure I appreciate that the 6 Plus is in high demand. I also understand that the full blast 128 memory version is also in short supply. But give me a break! Apparently I am going to be opening the box for my 6+ about the same time that Apple announces the iPhone 10!

Hey Tim Cook did you stop making the maxi 6+ all together? And John Legere is this the new business plan for TMobile USA? Get the order and then just forget about it? Yet again I thought I had justification for new found hope in the cell phone industry, and yet again I get kicked by the horse. So much for salvation...

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