Monday, October 27, 2014

The Everki Versa - Stuff Your Case

Yeah I have briefcase lust.  After watches briefcases are probably my most obsessive indulgence. Since law school I think I have used at least twenty different briefcases.  They are proper.  They distinguish us lawyers as special, learned professionals.  They give the impression that we carry secret stuff.

My Floto Parma
My sickness goes beyond briefcases, and includes backpacks, fanny packs, sling packs, and messenger bags.  If it is a vessel to store stuff in, and then carry around, I want it! My current satchel is a Floto messenger bag (to the right).  Aah, the smell of leather....

Lawyer briefcases these days have to be more than they have ever been.  Of course they have to carry our files, and our legal pads, and our exhibits, and our business cards. They also have to carry our pens, our highlighters, our post-its, our laptops, our iPads, our ear buds, our power cables, our memory sticks, and on and on.

Everki Versa
I recently ran into a buddy in court who was
sporting a cool new case.  I confessed my kookiness for cases and my friend let me check his out.  It was a Versa from Everki, and it was nice!  Multiple pockets.  Big.  Substantial. Going to the Everki web site I learned more. The Versa is TSA approved to make life easier when getting through the metal detectors at the airport.  It has reinforced corners and lots of innovative design elements.

Here is what I liked about it:

The smooth running, heavy duty zippers. The multiple clamshell design, creating four distinct compartments.  The felt lining for electronic devices.  The multiple interior storage pockets.

I was indifferent to the ballistic nylon shell.  It doesn't look bad and there is some leather trim to spiff it up a bit, but I think leather looks better, particularly in the courtroom.  The $185 street price didn't offend me.

What didn't necessarily work for me was the orange lining.  Too bright.  Just doesn't look professional.  The interior compartments were tight.  Big files and binders are not gonna fit.  It is definitely a fun bag with lots of cool compartments,  I just don't know that it is practical for a trial lawyer.

Gotta bag you love, leave a comment or send me a note.  I am happy to share reports from other satisfied (and unsatisfied) users.

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Zach Thalman said...

I have never thought about how much stuff a lawyer is going to carry around. I bet with every divorce a lawyer has to do, there is at least a big stack of paperwork that needs to be done. That would be so hard to keep track of without a case. I wonder if they have pretty organized folders and cases.

Zach |

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