Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Law Office Of The Future

The landscape is changing for the physical law office space.  Now you can look into the future.  Gensler is an integrated architecture, design, planning and consulting firm with a variety of projects ranging in scope from a wine label to urban design for a new city. The firms provides architecture, brand design, consulting, interior design, landscape, planning & urban design, product design and sustainability services.  It is making a a big push in the legal services industry.  As Gensler puts it:
The practice of law is undergoing a fundamental transformation in the way legal work is acquired and done. Change is a fact of life, and the velocity of change is driving the creation of faster, more agile law firms. In the future, legal work will be done differently, with different team members, and under different organizational structures. 
Work will be better managed, more collaborative, more transparent and more client-focused. The design of the law office in the future will need to address these rapidly changing influences which are fundamentally re-engineering how work is done. The law office of the future will be smaller, flexible, more collaborative, and technology enabled. It will look more like a business consulting firm than a law firm.
The investment Gensler is making is not minor.  It has created an entire website, redesign-law. com dedicated to its vision of the new law office.  The site is quite impressive.  Packed with videos and pictures, you really should check it out.  Here's a sample:

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