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Monday, April 21, 2014



As most of you know, Dissomaster is now owned by Thomson Reuters -- even though the program continues to marketed through the CFLR.com  website.  Of course, with TR's ownership the quality of the software and support has gone way down.  Now it is just another fairly neglected product for sale by the legal publishing giant.  Unfortunately, there is not much any of us can do about that.

Last week and this week the Dissomaster Suite update CD is being mailing out by Thompson Reuters.  DO NOT INSTALL THE UPDATE FROM THE CD.  The Propertizer update is filled with bugs to the point of being absolutely useless.  The program does not save your work, it does not update the running totals, it does not print reports completely.  It is an absolute nightmare!

I called Dissomaster tech support Friday and was advised that they have their software engineers working overtime to fix all the problems.  I got no explanation for why they released the completely woeful upgrade in the first place?

The best thing you can do is to continue to run your old version, and then make frequent calls to tech support for updates on all the patches and fixes.  Once there is a stable update available from the CFLR.com website, go with that update.

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Jon said...

I agree. This is the worst piece of software I have ever seen. I am amazed that there not any other software out there that does what this one won't

Anonymous said...

Have you found a solution yet? I have the same problem and would like to know if there's anything I can do besides roll back to an older version of Dissomaster.

Anonymous said...

Have you found a solution yet? I have the same problem and was wondering if there is any fix other than rolling back to an older version of Dissomaster.

John Harding said...

Thomson West reports that all bugs have been fixed other than inability to print. For full functionality they are recommending roll-back to previous version. Tech support will send you a link to roll back to the fully working version.

Mark said...

Have you heard anything further about the printing function to be fixed? Tech support doesn't give out much info on this.

John Harding said...

The bugs are slowly getting fixed. The printing problem has a work around. To print just make sure you are using Landscape orientation in the printer properties.

N. Christie (former IT developer) said...

Yes, yes, yes... same old same old.

The real problem is apparent. You have a failure of understanding of software development, Q&A best practices, and basic common sense.

Why does this persist???

Wrong people in charge, inability to fix the underlying issues cited above, and/or cynical persistent belief that lawyers are such computer hacks that most will never know the difference/are too busy/too used to blaming their administrative staff for everything that goes wrong...