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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Do You Need A Conference Room?

Office space is expensive.  The more square feet under your feet, the more money you are paying to the landlord.  Conference room space should be considered optional when you are laying out your
law firm.  A luxury yes.  Mandatory, no.

I have a conference room at my firm.  It has become an extra file room.  Client meetings are held in the attorney's office.  That is a more personal, intimate space.  It is more comfortable for the lawyer.  I believe it also more fruitful for the client.  The client gets a feel for the personality and character of the lawyer.  It is the lawyer sharing a bit if himself or herself.  It is the lawyer letting the client into the inner sanctum. That helps to endear trust and confidence.

What else might a lawyer use a conference room for?  Settlement meetings of course.  But I have never been put out by having a settlement meeting in a lawyer's personal office because a conference room was not available.  Depositions?  Not a problem.  I take them at the court reporter's office -- after selecting a court reporter that provides free conference rooms.

Is a conference room a nice luxury to have?  You bet it is.  Is it essential to your success as a lawyer, or to your credibility?  Absolutely not.

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