Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Hashtags, #, are the symbols you see all over social media.  Conceived by facebook a hastag consists of one or more words or phrases, typically at the end of a social media post. The characters in a hashtag are typed without spaces and preceded by a #, for example: “familylawtechnology.”  A hastag is a method of indexing key words, phrases, and ideas.  On facebook every hastag has its own url.  It becomes a header on the message.  Your hastags will help with facebook optimization and indexing.  Hastags are starting to gain relevance for other platforms, and they will eventually help with search engine optimization, and phrase searches by readers beyond facenook.

If you are blogging, you should be utilizing hastags.  It really is quite simple.  Identify the keywords in your posts.  Put a # before each one.  If the keywords form a phrase, remove the spaces between the word and put a # at the beginning of the spaceless phrase.  As examples:  #lawyer   #familylaw  #californiadivorcelawyer.

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