Wednesday, April 18, 2012

PowerPoint Presentations On The iPad

I speak at continuing legal education programs enough to be dangerous. It is a lot of fun. Get's me out of the office. Allows me to visit fun places. Forces me to refresh myself on the pertinent topic. Makes it easy to meet new colleagues, and provides great marketing benefits for me, my practice, and my law firm.

The world's default support app for public speaking is Microsoft's PowerPoint. When I am presenting a program solo, I usually prepare my accompanying slide show with Apple's Keynote app on my iPad. However, when I am collaborating with other speakers, or am part of a panel where Keynote is not acceptable, the PowerPoint juggernaut is called in to play.

I bought an iPad to get away from the bulk and instability of a Windows based notebook. Unfortunately, if you want to use PowerPoint without any glitches, the iPad was a problem. There was no way to seemlessly run PowerPoint presentations on the iPad. UNTIL NOW. I have started using an app called SlideShark. You create a free SlideShark account. You install the free SlideShark app on your iPad. You upload your PowerPoint presentation to your SlideShark account, and then download it to your iPad. Then you connect your iPad to your projector, and run your PowerPoint presentation from the SlideShark app. Works Perfectly! No formatting errors. No missing graphics. No incompatible fonts.

Keep in mind, all SlideShark does is play your PowerPoint. You cannot edit the slides, or add or delete slides. SlideShark is a dumb slave app, but one that does what it is designed to do! It is the best app I have found for running PowerPoints on the iPad.

For more information, please click here to visit the SlideShark website.

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