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Friday, July 8, 2011

My Open Door Policy

My law firm is housed in a single story, wood frame building built in the 1970's. Nice, but nothing fancy when compared to the opulent digs of some of my colleagues that are housed in our city's impressive steel and glass, Class A office buildings.

There is one feature of my office though that those fancier firms don't have: A wood and glass door that opens up to a ground level patio complete with wood deck and shrubbery. Especially on warm spring and summer days it is a real treat to open the door and let the fresh air in. I get to watch squirrels scurry about, and listen to the birds chirp from the nearby trees. It is a real refresher and distraction from the business of law. I even leave the door open during some meetings with clients, and they are always as enthusiastic about it as me. The fresh air and ambient noise help them to relax as well.

Sometimes we get so stuck on being high brow, stuffed shirt lawyers that we forget the little things like fresh air, and the sound of birds chirping. It is okay to be real. He's to gearing down a bit and seeing the trees as we stare at the forest!

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