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Friday, January 14, 2011

Free iBooks!

Thanks to Michael Aginsky and iPad4Legal.com for this one:

Kaplan, the education and test preparation company, is giving away 130 [different] free eBooks from now until January 17th. To access the free books from you iPad, iPhone, or iTouch open the iBooks store and search for the book by title. All of the free titles will appear with a price of $0.00. Personally, I searched for “kaplan” in the iBooks store and just browsed all the results.

The list of books offered in the legal category are listed below.

Angel of Death Row
by Andrea D. Lyon

Before Roe v. Wade
by Linda Greenhouse

Crime: Its Cause and Treatment
by Clarence Darrow

Geneva Conventions
by Gary D. Solis

Get Into Law School
by Ruth Lammert-Reeves

History in Blue
by Allan T, Duffin

Legally Speaking, Revised and Updated Edition
by David J. Dempsey

Lessons from the Courtroom
by Frank G. Jones

Memorable Thoughts of Socrates
by Xenophon

Mother Accused
by Andrea D. Lyon

Path of the Law and The Common Law
by Oliver Wendell Holmes

Reaching the Bar
by Robin Sax

Rising Through the Ranks
by Mike Wynn

Socratic Dialogues
by Plato

Stumbling Along the Beat
by Stacy Dittrich

Unbillable Hours
by Ian Graham

Free books are also being offered from the college, education, graduate, medicine and nursing categories. For a listing of all the free titles being offered as well as instructions for downloading on to other devices visit the Kaplan Free eBooks page and click on your device.

Happy Reading!

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