Friday, September 17, 2010

Documents to Go for iPad Updated

As you know, I have jumped on the iPad bandwagon. I am loving it! Still learning, but very impressed. One application area where I am sensing an iPad deficiency is word processing. More specifically function controls in iPad word processing apps, and some less than a true what you see is what you get when using the iPad to edit documents created in Word and then imported.

At his Tablet Legal blog Josh Barrett updates us on a word processing app update for iPad.

Nice update from DataViz on both The standard (iTunes link) and Premium (iTunes link) versions. The headline changes include:

  • improved and simplified interface for managing and editing documents
  • Retina display support for iPhone
  • Now a universal app for both iPad and iPhone
  • Speed improvements
  • Full keyboard support on external keyboards (arrow keys)
  • Freeze panes in spreadsheet app
  • Sort data in spreadsheet app
  • More paragraph styles for Word docs
  • Strikethrough formatting in Word docs
  • More bullet format options for Word docs

All in all, a nice little update. I haven’t given it a full run through yet, but the interface improvements are welcome and may tip the scales for me to replace QuickOffice (iTunes link) as my Office compatible app on the iPad. Sadly, even though strike through formatting is now supported, I still am not seeing support for Tracked Changes. The first Office compatibility app that provides Track Changes support will have a legion of fans among lawyers.

Any new features in the update that are particularly welcome in your workflow? Any features you are looking forward to in e next update? Let us know in the comments.

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