Thursday, June 3, 2010

JD Supra

JD Supra is a site that is getting more of my attention lately. It lets you create an impressive online portfolio of your articles, newsletters, alerts, court filings, and presentations in minutes. Then, it helps you get noticed (by prospective clients, colleagues and the media), so you can concentrate on doing what you do best – great work!

On his Legal Practice Pro blog Jay Fleischman give us a nice JD Supra overview.

Online legal marketing involves content creation andcontent distribution; doing so enables us to showcase our knowledge and establish trust with our prospective clients.

One of the best content distribution sites for lawyers is JDSupra, run by a team of awesome and smart people who want nothing more than to give you the widest possible exposure for your content. JDSupra is not only highly-trafficked and well-indexed, but the service provides a number of feature-rich Facebook pages and widgets to pump content out far more effectively than would otherwise be possible.

In the interests of full disclosure, I had the chance to meet with the JDSupra team while in California last month for the annual National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys convention. Aviva Cuyler bought me a turkey sandwich and a Diet Coke while I was hanging around with Adrian Lurssen (I think she was worried I’d pass out from hunger because I’d been talking with Adrian for so long). That might be something warranting FTC disclosure, though I did offer to pay her for lunch.

In fact, this graph from shows that JDSupra has grown by 226% in the past 12 months alone. Pretty impressive, no?

<span class=JDSupra Traffic Graphic" height="160" width="300">

But using JDSupra as a distribution mechanism is still new to lots of lawyers, so I thought I’d share how I use it as part of my online legal marketing efforts.

4 steps, that’s all it takes. Ready? OK, here we go (and by the way – if you click the pictures they will open up full-size so you don’t have to squint):

Step One: Choose “Post A Document”

<span class=JDSupra Tutorial 1" height="219" width="300">

Step Two: Choose “Legal Article/Newsletter,” upload the PDF document, add the title of the document (which should be the title of the blog post), and add the “Document Date” (which will be the date on which you are uploading the content.

<span class=JDSupra Tutorial 2" height="219" width="300">

Step Three: Scroll down and choose your category. My stuff is usually related to either bankruptcy or legal marketing, so those are my go-to categories. Then, for document summary, enter the first 1,000 characters of the content.

<span class=JDSupra Tutorial 3" height="219" width="300">

Step Four: Click “Continue,” then “Submit.” (or “Submit & Post Another Doc” as the case may be).

<span class=JDSupra Tutorial 4" height="219" width="300">

That entire process should take you about 3 minutes. Greater distribution for your content marketing, better results from your online legal marketing efforts, and the basic level of service is entirely free.

So are you using JDSupra?

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Jay S. Fleischman said...

John - JDSupra is a fantastic way to gain additional distribution for your content. As I noted in the article, it's very easy to use and highly effective. Terrific post! - Jay

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