Thursday, May 13, 2010

facebook, facebook, facebook

I am jumping headfirst into the facebook craze. Not really sure how deep the water is, or what direction it is flowing in, but I am going for it. I have long been a huge advocate for technology in law practice, and I have been addicted to the internet since the web got its consumer legs last century. I enjoy the technical side of facebook -- the internet technology at play, the graphics, the add-ons. I am studying up on the apparent value, dare I say necessity, of facebook as a marketing tool. I have my personal facebook page (click here for a visit). I have also created a page for my law firm (click here for a visit). And, I have even gotten involved in the creation of a facebook group for Fellows of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (click here for a visit).

Am I realizing any measurable marketing return from my investment yet? Not as far as I can tell. It is interesting to see where a bunch of people from my high school have ended up. I am also impressed with how much time some people spend logged in to facebook. We shall see what happens!

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