Monday, October 19, 2009

Using Kindle To Show Evidence

Sharon Nelson, Esq. writes the Electronic Evidence Blog. Recently she wrote about taking the Kindle to court.

I love my Kindle DX. But, silly me, I was thinking about all the books, newspapers and magazines I could now carry around on my Kindle, especially on planes, trains and cruise ships.

This morning, I met with one of my favorite litigators, David Oblon of Albo & Oblon LLP. I was fascinated to hear David tell me that he regularly brings his Kindle DX into the courtroom to show the judge demonstrative evidence (native PDF files), simply handing the Kindle over to the judge. So far, all the judges have been happy to review demonstrative evidence on the Kindle.

Who knew? Which is why I like hanging around an attorney as smart and tech-savvy as David!

So the next time you head to court, save yourself the trouble of lugging around a box of papers you don't need - bring your Kindle.

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